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All you need to know about buying and using Kindle 4, Kindle Touch in India.

Kindle touch is now available for international shipment! Learn more


Last updated on Feb 6, 2012

Amazon kindle is now the world’s favorite ebook readers. Kindle ebooks outsells paperback already in the United State. Kindle 4 has a lot of improvements. With the pearl e-ink technology, the text is very sharp and crisps. It’s very  light and has extra-long battery life for up to 2 month. So, it’s very comfortable to read and take along anywhere.
This special report will guide you through important topics you need to know before buying Amazon kindle in India.

Where and how to buy a Kindle in India

Amazon now ships Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch WiFi worldwide including India so it’s the best idea to buy kindle at Buying kindle from, your kindle will be associated with your account automatically, so downloading ebooks is only one step ahead, and you get full 1 year warranty. Amazon sometimes offers discount on kindle cover and charger if you purchase them with a new kindle.

Step by step guide to buy a Kindle in India

1. First, make sure you go to specific kindle page for India. Note that the primary country of use is set to India.

  • New Kindle 4 for international shipment
  • Kindle Touch WiFi for international shipment
  • Kindle Keyboard 3g for international shipment

Please note that Kindle Touch 3g is not currently available for international shipment.

2. Set your location to India. At this step, you’ll see country specific information for India. Follow the link to the kindle sale page for India. Note the text “Ship to: India” on top of Add to cart button.

3. Click “Add to cart”. If you want to buy kindle accessories. Go to the kindle accessories store here.

4. After finish shopping. Click “Proceed to checkout”. If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to create user account with amazon. Follow the screen instruction to complete your order.

You don’t need to worry about cost and payment. You’ll see total cost and expected date of arrival before your order is final.  And Amazon will charge you when kindle is shipped to you. So if you change your mind, you can cancel your order, usually, within the same day.

Don’t forget to check for special discount on kindle accessories when purchased with a new kindle. (You need an EU type.)

Kindle Wifi only or Wifi+3G

In India, there’s no 3g network available. However, with kindle 3G, you are still able to purchase and download ebooks anywhere with cellular network coverage (via EGDE or GPRS at lower speed). On the other hand, with kindle wifi-only, you need an accessible wifi network to download ebooks to your kindle. (In case both services are unavailable, downloading ebooks can be done via USB cable transfer from your laptop.)

Below is the cellular network coverage in India.

Detailed map and global 3g network coverage (2011) can be found here.

How much does it cost to buy a kindle in India?

Basic kindle 4 (without touchscreen) for international shipment costs 109 USD. While shipping and import fee will cost 11.98 USD and 18.21 USD respectively. So, all you have to pay is 149.19 USD or about 7310 Rupees.

Kindle Touch WiFi cost 139 USD, shipping costs 11.98 USD and import fee costs 35.20 USD. Total sum is 186.18 USD or about 9122 Rupees.

Kindle keyboard Wifi+3G costs 189 USD. Shipping to India costs about 11.98 USD. And import fee costs 46.85 USD. That is a total sum of $247.83 or about 12,143 Rupees. This is an appreciable price for me.

Kindle keyboard WiFi only is now out of stock but shipping and import fee do not differ from the 3g version significantly.

1 USD = 49 Rupees

How long will it take to ship a kindle to India?

It usually takes about 3-7 business days to ship kindle to India. You can track the shipping process by logging into your amazon account.

Charging kindle in India

Amazon kindle comes with USB connector that allows you to charge your kindle by connecting it to your computer. If your want to charge it on the wall, you must buy an EU type power adapter which is available here.

What is kindle with special offer and can I have it?

Amazon has just introduced kindle with special offer early in 2011.  With the cheaper price, kindle with special offer comes with sponsored advertisements. However, it’s not available for shipping outside the United States.

Do books I want to read available in the kindle store?

First, you need to understand than kindle book store for India are a bit different from the US. This is because publishers give distribution right by country. Currently there are over 720,000 (and growing) books available for India. You can preview Indian kindle store and search for ebooks here.

Free books for kindle

There are a lot of great free book for kindle and some of them you shouldn’t miss. Check for top 100 free books for kindle here.

Most recommended kindle 3 cover

If you want a protective cover for your new kindle. I recommend the lighted leather cover, Amazon’s best-selling accessory. This cover is specially designed by amazon to fit the latest generation kindle. It has a built-in LED lights that draw power from the kindle. So no need to change battery.

Here is a very good review of the cover. See more details and customers’ review here.

Lighted leather cover and kindle charger are not easy to find in India. If you like it you should buy it with your kindle. Don’t forget to check special discount on the cover and charger before you check out.

I hope this article helpful. If you have any suggestion or questions, please leave me a comment. I’ll keep updating this article to make it most accurate.

Top kindle accessories

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Must have kindle accessories listed by popularity. Click to see full review and special offer from amazon. These items can be shipped to India within 3-5 business days. Price includes shipping and taxes will appear before you complete your order.

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